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Max Gerthel

Moderator for the Soft Space panel discussion

Max Gerthel is an architect, designer and curator based in Beijing. He holds a MA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture and has since 2011 been co-director of Institute for Provocation (IFP), an independent workspace and research platform for artists, architects and researchers with an international residency program. He is curator of exhibitions and events for IFP and its project space Black Sesame Space. He also runs Max Gerthel Studio, a multidisciplinary design studio working with projects ranging from furniture and product design to installations and architecture.

Max Gerthel(晓麦)是一位建筑师,设计师,同时也是一位策展人。他拥有丹麦皇家艺术学院视觉艺术学校建筑硕士学位,目前工作生活于北京。自2011年起,他成为北京激构研究所(IFP)联合负责人之一。激构研究所(IFP)是一个为在北京的艺术家,建筑师提供工作空间与智库的平台。实践内容包括策展和展示,工作坊,相关活动以及研究驻留项目。Max Gerthel(晓麦)除了是IFP和黑芝麻空间的项目空间的展览以及相关活动的策划者之外,同时也运营着他的个人工作室,实践内容包括家具产品设计,建筑设计,包括艺术装置。


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