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Neill Mclean Gaddes

Neill Mclean Gaddes is a practitioner engaged in Place Making and Urbanism within China. With a background in Industrial Design, his pragmatic and collaborative approach has been tested through numerous successfully completed projects, from bottom-up "happenings" to top-down urban revitalization planning and implementation. Neill is committed to developing methodologies and tools to enable communities and organizations to approach and solve the problems important to them. He developed economic models and business scorecard system for Dashilar community development and dedicated more than 5 years working with the local community for capacity building.

Neill Mclean Gaddes是一位在中国城市化和地方营造领域的实践者。他的专业背景是工业设计,其注重实操性与合作性的工作方法在多个项目得到落实,包括自下而上社区策划以及自上而下的城市保护更新计划。Neill专注为社区和机构研发解决问题的方法及工具。他曾开发大栅栏进驻商家评估体系,并用超过五年时间在当地社区进行能力建设工作。


Sans is a Shenzhen based practice engaged in Place Making and community activation. Integrating ideation, planning, design, implementation and evaluation into a cyclic process, Sans has curated, participated, and produced projects throughout China, with the practice’s involvement in Dashilar Project being profiled at the La Biennale di Venezia - 14th International Architecture Exhibition in 2014.

SANS (三思)

SANS(三思)位于深圳,是从事“地方营造”与“社区活化”的思考者与实 践者,善于将概念策划、分析定位、空间及平面设计,结合统筹组织、落实执 行、评估等环节为一整体且循环渐进的过程。SANS(三思)策划参与及制作 的项目遍及中国各地,包括大栅栏更新计划,其阶段性成果在2014年威尼斯双 年展—第14届国际建筑展中展出。


Established early 2015, Shanzhai City is a social enterprise promoting community self-agency through low-tech grassroots innovation in developing regions, powered by high-tech cloud analytics solutions. We develop methodologies and data analytics technologies that produce insights for improving lives.

Our goal is to help purpose driven enterprises, impact investors, and government agencies to analyze, evaluate, and predict intended social impacts by converging data science and social science on the cloud and in the field. On the cloud, we combine local knowledge and expert insights with machine learning accessible through a web-based dashboard, and in the field, we deploy sensitive technologies appropriate to the needs of working directly with people in developing regions to capture reliable data in remote areas. We call this Impact LearningTM, a cloud analytics platform for providing real time insights empowering social programs, stakeholders, policy administrators, impact funds, and end-beneficiaries to make better decisions towards co-creating positive impact, together.

Shanzhai City is a young social development technology startup located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and San Francisco. Our initial endeavor is to develop and provide solutions in China and Southeast Asia, with the objective of expanding worldwide wherever data can help make lives better.







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