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Gustav Hellberg

Gustav Hellberg (born 1967, Stockholm) is an artist and currently Assistant Professor at the Chung-Ang University in Seoul, Korea. He earned his MFA from the Royal Institute of Fine Arts in Stockholm in 1998 and has been based in Berlin since 2000. The foundation of Hellberg’s artistic practice lies in the public sphere, where he looks for an interaction between people, artwork and the public space. The intervention he’s seeking is a play upon the memories of an actual place.

To realise a work, he carefully chooses a site depending on its qualities, in order to put out a visual and poetic argument that will draw people’s attention to a seemingly insignificant situation: the urban backdrop of everyday life. The basic function of the work that is placed out in a public space is to change a detail in our everyday life and thereby trigger thoughts in different routes.

Parallel to these activities Hellberg is also exhibiting installations, sculpture and objects in museums and galleries. He has also been a challenging debater on topics surrounding events of art production in the public sphere as well as urban planning in general.

Gustav Hellberg(1967年出生于斯德歌尔摩)是一位艺术家,也是韩国首尔中央大学的助理教授。他于1998年获得斯德歌尔摩皇家美术大学学院学士学位,于2000年迁居柏林。Hellberg创办的艺术实践基金会坐落于公共领域,旨在寻找人,艺术作品和公共空间之间的交互关系。他所寻求的介入是建立在真实空间中的可触记忆之中的。为了将关于作品的想法付诸实现,Gustav Hellberg通常会非常谨慎的寻找适合创作的场所,为了提出关于视觉与诗意的论点,他将会引导观众重新注意到城市日常生活中也许并不起眼的情境之中。作品在公共空间呈现的基本功能便在于改变日常生活的细节,从而触发不同思考方式的产生。与此同时,Hellberg还在美术馆和画廊中展示装置,雕塑和各种媒材作品。他也是公共领域话题关于艺术生产的周边活动以及泛城市计划的富有挑战性的辩手。


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