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Jordan Kanter

Moderator for the Soft Systems panel discussion

Jordan Kanter is an architect and designer from the United States. He is a senior designer at MAD Architects, where he has led the design of a number of significant culture projects, including the Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts, the Harbin Opera House, and the Taichung Convention Center. He also heads the MAD Scripting Group, which seeks new computational approaches for design in the MAD office. He has taught design studios in the US and China, including IIT in Chicago, and Tsinghua and Tianjin Universities. His research focuses on the development of new models for mapping and designing in the contemporary metropolis, drawing on a wide range of methodologies, from participatory mapping techniques, to object-oriented computational and geospatial data modeling.

Jordan Kanter是一位来自美国的建筑师和设计师。他是MAD建筑事务所的高级设计师,率领设计了许多颇具影响力的文化项目,包括卢卡斯叙述艺术美术馆,哈尔滨歌剧院以及台中会展中心等。在他的带领下,MAD数字脚本小组不断为该建筑事务所寻求新的算法设计。他曾任教于芝加哥IIT,清华大学和天津大学的设计研究所。Jordan Kanter主要研究方向是针对现代都市的规划发展新的数据地图模型和设计方法——从参与式规划技术到物件导向的计算机数据以及地学数据模型。


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