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Wang Enlai 王恩来

Wang Enlai (1989, Dalian, China) is an artist based in Beijing. He graduated from the Sculpture Department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor's degree in 2013 and a Master's degree in 2015. Recipient of the Yishu 8 Award in 2015.

“The materials I use throughout my creative process are those that can be readily found in modern societies. My interest is to find new possibilities in these everyday materials, and to push these ready-made objects out of their typical contexts, forming new interrelationships between materials and objects. I also see the exhibition space as a part of my creation. I attempt to manage the relationships between my artwork, the physical exhibition space, and the uniqueness of each facility. To me, it is both interesting and challenging at the same time.”

王恩来,1989 生于辽宁,2013 毕业于中央美术学院雕塑系获学士学位,现于中央美术学院雕塑系硕士研究生在读。


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