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Wang Enlai workshop 王恩来工作坊

Chinese sculptor Wang Enlai makes sculptures out of disposable materials: Plastic bags, cardboard boxes and other packaging items. Through the use of micro-controllers, fans and mechanical parts he brings them to life in an engaging and fascinating way, evoking the sense of an organic systems despite the fossil nature of the materials used.

For this workshop taking place in the new Global School in Baitasi as well as outside in the neighbourhood, Wang Enlai will engage with a small group of participants, presenting his approach to creating art with everyday materials, fans and microcomputers, introducing basic Arduino scripting and building small units with activated parts.

The workshop is mainly for art, architecture and design professionals and students, but anyone is welcome to apply. To register, please send a brief description of yourself to

Venue: The Global School in Baitasi Market, Gongmenkou Dong Cha

Time: October 5, 10 am to 4pm

Participation fee: 300 yuan for electronic components and materials


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