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Li Dong 李栋

Before he joined Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Urban Planning & Design Institute (THUPDI) as deputy director of the newly formed Technology Innovation Center, Dr. Dong LI has spent seven years as a senior engineer in China Academy of Urban Planning & Design (CAUPD). His research focuses on planning projects of environment, infrastructure and disaster prevention on urban and regional level. In recent years, he adopted the trend of data-driven planning, testing new data and tools for various issues in cities. He argues a progressive transition from the traditional static paradigm towards a more dynamic and connected one. Dr. Dong Li is also one of the co-founder of Beijing City Lab (BCL)

李栋,博士,现任北京清华同衡规划设计研究院技术创新中心常务副主任。2003年于清华大学环境系获环境工程本科学位,2008年于中国科学院生态环境研究中心获生态学博士学位。毕业后在中规院、清华院等国内一流规划设计单位长期从事城乡规划研究与实践工作,曾参与和负责多项国家和地区重大规划咨询项目、国际合作研究课题等任务,数次获得省部级以上奖励。个人研究兴趣为城市可持续发展模型,主要涉及数据、工具和方法论研发与应用,学术成果多次在国内外会议、同行评议期刊中发表。近年来致力于在城市研究和规划中利用多源数据开展精细化分析,也是国内首个定量城市研究网络“北京城市实验室(Beijing City Lab,BCL)”的共同发起人之一。

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